Children's Author: Mark Ricketts

‚Äč‚ÄčAuthor Mark A. Ricketts is a Kindergarten through Fourth Grade health and physical education teacher in the Exeter Township School District in Reading, PA. He has been teaching there since 1997.  He wrote his first story, "Socco and Slurpie's Island Adventure," to encourage movement and exercise and continues this with each new release.

Socco and Slurpie were first created as a presentation for a health class at West Chester University when Mark was an undergraduate. Mark used sock puppets and a script to present a topic to his class.  He started writing the stories in 2011 while trying to better integrate Language Arts into physical education classes for his school's students. "Socco and Slurpie" stories are each based on physical activity skills and related topics. Socco is a healthy sock puppet who is trying to teach his new friend, Slurpie, how to get healthier.

Each story has a funny ending that will make you smile and a skill or two that will encourage you to get up and get active during, or after, reading it. 

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