Soccand SlurpiStories

Physical Activity Ideas For Families To Use Along With Mark's Books- 

Socco and Slurpie's Island Adventure: Act out the traveling movements as your parents read you the story or after each "chapter."

Socco and Slurpie's Island Adventure- The Lost Chapters: Read the stories to your parents, or with help, and act the movements out together.

Socco and Slurpie Join the Circus: Find a soft place in the grass and try some balances and movements as you pretend you are the clowns in the circus. Put on a circus show for your parents as the final act. Dance, roll, and balance your way into some fun.

Socco and Slurpie in The Haunted School: Ask your parents to help set up an obstacle course outside using things you have in your house. Time each other to see who can safely travel through. If it's raining, see if you can help set up a walking course inside using pillows, blankets, tables, and even your bed to crawl on. Have fun walking and crawling but be sure not to run inside. Check with your parents first to see if it's ok. 

Socco and Slurpie's Giant Problem: After reading the story, get an old sock and make a sock puppet. Lay it on the ground and see how close you can underhand toss a ball to it from different spots in the yard. Then set up a river by placing two jump ropes next to each other and throw some balls overhand from far

away trying to stop the river just like the giant does in the story.

Socco and Slurpie's Giant Problem- SOLVED: After reading Chapter 5 and 6, have an egg toss with a parent or friend. Ask a parent's permission before using an egg. To get less messy, try a water balloon or beanbag. Start out close and back up a step each time you catch. You could even have a whole contest with more friends or family in teams of two. Then after reading the last chapter, set up some targets in the back yard or park and have throwing contests. Finish off with a picnic.

Socco and Slurpie Cut A Rug: Pick a couple of your favorite songs and make up a pattern of movements you can do over and over. Show your parents and friends. Then pick out something to move while you dance and just move and travel to your favorite songs. You could move ribbons, a small towel, streamers, or basically anything you can hold safely. Have a dance show for the family and see if you can get your parents or guardians to give it a try.

Socco and Slurpie in P.E. Class:Get some bouncy balls and try out using different powers as you bounce,dribble, and roll around on hard ground outside.

‚ÄčSocco and Slurpie:Beginnings: Challenge your family to try some of the exercises seen in the book. Act out any that you don't have equipment for.

Helmets, Seatbelts, and Socks: A Socco and Slurpie Safety Story: Go on a bike ride with your family. Don't forget your helmet. 

Monster Mash-up: Take some time to bake a snack. Help mix up the ingredients and let an adult bake it. You can let them help eat it too.