Soccand SlurpiStories

What do socks know about helmet and seatbelt safety? Join Socco and Slurpie as they get readers giggling while Slurpie learns how to stay safe on a bike and in the car.

The hottest T.V. dance competition is in town tonight and Slurpie just won tickets to see it live. Put on your dancing shoes and come along with your two favorite sock puppets. Before you know it you'll be dancing along in the aisle. See some amazing dance groups, hear what the judges have to say, and see if your favorite group wins it all. You won't believe your eyes.

Welcome to Lorane Elementary School where strange things are happening- flying fruit punch, teachers turning into ghosts, and scary sounds coming from the gym. Is Lorane haunted or is it something else? Are you brave enough to join Socco and Slurpie as they investigate what is going on? Be there for the twists and turns in their day as the two sock puppets find out that exercise doesn't have to be scary.

Socco and Slurpie Meet the PrincessSocco and Slurpie's trip to see where their ancestors are from turns into another adventure. They soon find themselves thrown in the dungeon. When they become court jesters, they use their dribbling skills to wow the king and his court and maybe win the heart of the princess. (Skills covered: hand, foot, and stick dribble; juggling) To be illustrated by Michael Kirby. (Estimated release date Summer 2017)

Join Socco and Slurpie, two sock puppet friends, on an island adventure where they find out that walking the plank may be a thing of the past and that exercise can be worth more than gold. Find out how far their vacation travels can take them.

After solving the giant's first problem, Socco and Slurpie's break is interrupted by a bigger problem- he still hasn't had breakfast.

See how the two sock puppet friends solve one more problem, say good-bye to the giant, and finally 'catch' a break.

Join Socco and Slurpie again, for the parts of the story that happened before, during, and after the events in "Socco and Slurpie's Island Adventure," also written by Mark Ricketts. These simple "chapters" are written for easy reading and meant to get children moving as they take turns reading and act out the travels and movements in each chapter with their teacher, parent, or friends. 

On an early morning hike, Socco and Slurpie find out that they're not the only ones in the forest. Can they help solve the giant's problem without becoming his breakfast? Join these two sock puppet friends in a throwing adventure where they use their smarts, bravery, and laughter to help out their new "friend."

After finding a summer job at the circus, Socco and Slurpie fill in for some clowns as they impress the crowd with their gymnastic skills. With an ending sure to give you a laugh, see the guys as they navigate the high wire, use the trapeze, and even see the bearded lady. Buy a ticket for some circus fun as you watch the two friends reach new heights. These living socks know how to have some fun.

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In his first story without Socco and Slurpie, Mark Ricketts brings us a story of doughnuts, monsters, and a sweet treat with some healthy ingredients. Find out why the lines at one food truck are so long and why one monster is just a little bitter. 

You never know what each day will bring. Some days are better than others. 

Do you remember the day that you met your best friend?

It's a day like not too many others.

Today two living gym socks join a gym for different reasons. After stumbling upon each other, they find out that sometimes a freindcan be made in the most unusual way. This prequel tells the story fo the beginning of one of the best friendshipos ever.‚Äč 

Socco and Slurpie's favorite special subject in school is physical education class. Today Mr. Applepotts, their P.E. teacher, will have them practice ball skills using different amounts of force. Find out who gets carried away.